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The West River Community Center is a 135,000 square foot center built with plenty of modern amenities and a “western edge” design that blends with the landscape of Southwestern North Dakota. The program areas are designed to achieve not only a visual connection between spaces, but an openness that allows users to feel a sense of community. The facility maximizes the use of natural light by way of large windows. Designed with the philosophy that community recreation centers should entertain, educate and promote health and well-being.  The staff at West River Community Center is ready to make your visit to our facility a memorable and pleasant experience.


Users must pay a daily fee or have a valid membership to access the facility.  Each pass holder is required to present a valid WRCC user card at the Control Desk to gain access to the building. If you have forgotten your card you will need to sign in and after the third time a card is forgotten you will not be permitted to use the facility unless a new card is purchased for $5.00. In the event of a lost or destroyed card, a new card must be purchased for $5.00. A daily fee is required for all non-member use.

  • Age Guidelines
  • The West River Community Center (WRCC) is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • The WRCC is a tobacco free facility.
  • All children 7 years old and under must be supervised by an individual 16 years of age or older.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated in any area of the facility.
  • All facility users have access to the male/female locker rooms and the family locker room.
  • Patrons over the age of five must use the same-sex or the family locker rooms.
  • Please make sure you lock up items left in lockers.
  • You may bring your own lock or purchase one from the Control Desk.
  • Only those lockers rented for 3 months or annually may leave locks on overnight.
  • WRCC staff reserves the right to remove any lock that remains overnight.
  • Swimsuit Dryers.

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