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The fitness area includes 2 levels of fitness equipment. Features include Cybex and Paramount strength equipment, a variety of cardiovascular equipment, free weights, fit balls, mirrors, 6 tv’s with cardio theater to listen on your own portable FM radio, rubber cushion and carpet flooring in a climate controlled environment.


  • Patrons must be age 14 or older to be in fitness areas.
  • *Ages 12 & 13 are allowed with parental supervision or after passing a safety/etiquette course. (Click here to sign up for the Facility Orientation Class)
  • Proper attire is required; no street shoes, open-toed, bare feet, or wet clothes.
  • 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines.

Fitness Area Rules

  • Equipment must be wiped off after each use.
  • All free weights and dumbbells must be placed back on weight rack when finished.
  • Do not lean weight plates against the wall or mirrors.
  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the fitness areas (*see age requirements above), this includes strollers.
  • Do not leave coats or other belongings in the fitness area.
  • No profane language.
  • No food or beverages except water.

Fitness Area Etiquette. Please follow the following etiquette to allow for the best possible experience for you and other patrons.

  • Cell Phones. Using a cell phone while operating equipment is dangerous. If you need to use it, step outside the fitness area. A quick snap is acceptable on occasion, but if your photo is disrupting another person’s workout or prolonging the time on a particular machine, put your phone away.
  • Cleaning of Equipment. Always clean equipment after each use.
  • Proper Attire. Wear appropriate attire while working out. No street shoes or open toed shoes allowed. Wear shoes in the building at all times. 
  • Sound Off. Though it is natural to making grunting noises in a workout, don’t get carried away. Use headphones, do not blast music through phone speakers.
  • Use a Locker. Leave bags and other personal belongings that you do not intend to use during your workout in a locker, available in the locker rooms or in the hallway. Remember to bring your own lock or purchase a locker membership.
  • Personal Hygiene. As a courtesy to other members, make personal hygiene a priority. Do wear clean clothes, do not wear heavy perfumes, colognes or lotions.
  • Water Fountain. Please do not spit in the water fountain. It’s unsightly and unsanitary.
  • Weight Equipment. Return all equipment to its original place as soon as your are done. Plates should be removed from bars after use as the next person using it may not be able to lift them. Step away from the dumbbell rack, other need space to access weights. Avoid dropping weights on the floor or slamming plates.
  • Resting/Circuit Training. Don’t sit on machines while resting between sets and do not monopolize multiple pieces of equipment during circuit training. Allow others to use the equipment while you are resting or between pieces of equipment. Also, if you are the one waiting, it’s perfectly okay to ask to work in a set.