Enjoy some time at the .

The weather’s always perfect at WRCC! Golf all year at the community center’s indoor golf room featuring a computerized golf simulator with many of the world’s best golf courses. The golf room also provides a driving cage to keep your swing in shape all year.

Golf Simulator Prices

  • 1 Person – $8.00/person/hour
  • 2 People – $7.00/person/hour
  • 3 People – $6.00/person/hour
  • 4 People – $5.00/person/hour

Other Fees

  • Driving Cage | $2/person (half hour)
  • Golf Club Rental | $2/person (half hour)

Tee times are available one week in advance by calling 456-2070.

Sign up for private lessons and check out our Golf Simulator League.

Golf Room Requirements

  • Key access only from the front desk.
  • Golf is not included in any of our memberships.
  • Reservations must be made at the front desk and may be made one week in advance.
  • Users must be age 16+ to use without supervision.
  • Users must use clean clubs, balls and shoes.
  • No food or drink allowed, except water.