Full Access Locker Rooms

All facility users are invited to use our male/female locker rooms and the family locker room.


  • Full access locker rooms with shower facilities.
  • Locker rental options in men’s/women’s locker rooms along with tennis courts.
  • Day use lockers available in all locker rooms along with hallway and tennis lockers.
  • Family Locker Room: Meant for families with small children and people with special needs. Dry changing rooms available along with shower rooms.
  • Swim suit dryers in men’s/women’s locker room.


  • Patrons over the age of four (4) must use the same-sex or the family locker room.
  • Please make sure you lock up valuable items. WRCC is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  • You may bring your own lock or purchase one from the Control Desk.
  • Only those lockers rented for 3 months or annually may leave locks on overnight.
  • WRCC staff reserves the right to remove any lock that remains overnight.